Meet the Family


Defined by Webster’s dictionary as “Different from the ordinary, usual or expected”, rapper Offbeat more than lives up to his name. Fusing Hip Hop vocals with Electro Swing inspired beats, he has quickly carved a niche for himself and gained recognition from fans of both genres.


With a style that has been described as “Mike Skinner meets Will from the Inbetweeners”, Offbeat’s trademark humour and lighthearted lyrics perfectly encapsulate the fun and upbeat energy of the Swing-inspired instrumentals over which he raps, resulting in a truly original and feel good sound.


Offbeat (AKA ‘The Swingpin’) is the front man of The Swinghoppers and hosts the show with a vibrancy and warmth that enable him to connect with an audience and ensure they have as good a time as he’s having.


Pye has been Beatboxing and hosting on stages for over 12 years; supporting acts such as Rahzel, The Chicken Brothers and KRS-One, while collaborating with groups including Ushti Baba, The Infinite Collective and The Dutty Moonshine Big Band.


Following his recent success at the UK Beatbox Championships he has been hightailing it all over the country, performing to 1000s of partygoers at festivals, nightclubs and (bizarrely) an award winning festival shed.


His beatboxing is performative and musical spanning Hip Hop, Ghetto Funk and Drum n’ Bass. His hosting is high energy and exciting, delivered with confidence and professionalism. From head-bopping to jaw-dropping the PieMan live show is something that has to be seen to be believed.


Sharleena Ray is the leading lady of The Swinghoppers and provides a sweet and soulful contrast to the boys’ more aggressive styles.


Named after a Frank Zappa song, Sharleena is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has more than lived up to her namesake. Immersing herself in the array of influences of her hometown of London, Sharleena has lent her vocals to classic big bands and jazz ensembles, electronic DJ production teams, traditional Folk, Country and Blues groups, and even Cuban Hip-Hop and Nigerian ‘Yorubeat’ bands.


With a foremost love of Gospel music and harmony, she has also shared stages as a choir member for high-profile names such as Bobby McFerrin, Alice Russell and ESKA (Eska Mtungwazi). More recently, she became a choir ma’am herself, founding Bristol’s Voices From The Rave Choir for whom she was Music Director, arranger and leader.